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Papkuil, home of GERS SAFARIS, lies nestled in the heart of untamed diamond country, some 55 miles (120km) from the historical town of Kimberley (Northern Cape) – home to the largest man-made excavation site in the world.

The area’s wide-open spaces, clear skies, flamboyant sunsets, brilliant starry nights, and palpable silence offer an experience found nowhere else in the world. It is a place where natural beauty and adventure go hand in hand.

The Northern Cape’ size 372, 889 km2  takes up a third of South Africa (1,2 mil km2). South Africa’s population is 55, 91 mil. The Northern Cape’s population of 1, 1 mil people (2, 3%) lives in a third of the country. The Northern Cape is the size of Germany.

Please note: The Northern Cape is a Malaria Free area.