South Africa is the home of the wild and untamed, land of beauty and magnificence and promises to present each hunter with a uniquely exhilarating quest.  Klein Papkuil offers some of the best and most challenging hunting on the continent.  This is not canned hunting but rather the thrilling, pulse racing, adrenalin thumping real deal.  Hunters track and stalk their prey on foot through 6000 hectares of dense bush and rugged terrain, which is the ultimate test of endurance and skill.    

Klein Papkuil is home to 25 different species of buck, including some of the scarcest in the world.  The owners have gone to great lengths to create a truly authentic and exciting hunting experience, that is about skill and not just about the kill. 

The abundance of wild olive trees has allowed the owners to re-introduce species of animal into the wild that were near extinction, including the spectacular Roan and Sable.  Both bow and rifle hunting are accommodated at Klein Papkuil, which offers the hunter the opportunity to match his skilfulness and wits against the animals in its natural environment. 

It is our aim to provide our clients with an enjoyable and satisfying experience, while safe guarding the ecological integrity of the wilderness.  We are dedicated to providing an exemplary, personalised service that will have our clients leave as friends.